(This article is the second in the series of my articles on startups. Please visit my previous piece, Bad Branding…, published on LinkedIn).

The moment we think about successful startups, our minds start breathing in billions. Names like Space X, Airbnb and Uber whiz past the thought dimension. Young and dynamic CEOs such as Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Evan Spiegel (Snap Chat) have already inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to start up on their own. And we can’t thank them enough for that!

But if we were to look at it honestly, don’t these stories of huge success throw a monkey wrench at pettier looking drawing boards? The truth is, not all of us need to have that supremely disruptive idea. And new startups can start with just an ordinary idea and identify a small gap in existing processes or sometimes they can be as ordinary as existing businesses.

Unfortunately, a small business idea is often weighed against the “million dollar startup” fantasy. The comparison is not just unfair, but also easily overwhelming. And before you know it, so many young people drop the idea of a new business.

Branding is the buzz word that spins billions of dollars in spending from the smallest companies to Fortune 500 giants. There are methods and procedures to measure brand-equity, but there is no methodology (yet) to tell whether the branding good, or less, or excessive, or bad. In the following paragraphs, we examine how famous brands went ahead and branded way too much for their own good – giving us some staggering cases of bad branding!

So how rich is Facebook?

Answer: Rich enough to put its founder in line with Microsoft and Amazon founders on the “richest list”.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19.3 billion in February 2014, many people wondered why! At that time, it became the largest acquisition of a venture-backed enterprise. The real surprise was the fact that WhatsApp was valued at only $1.5 billion just a few months before this acquisition actually happened.

The app development industry is at an all-time high with billions of dollars pouring in and out of the market. Recently, Futran Solutions, Inc., a New Jersey based IT solutions company acquired an India based app development company, Apportunity Futureware.



New Jersey based IT Consulting and Staffing Solutions Company, Futran Solutions, Inc. has recently acquired Apportunity Futureware, an established Indian app development company operating out of Mumbai and Chandigarh. Futran Solutions provides IT services in artificial intelligence, big data sciences, web development, and mobile apps development. The company serves variegated industries like life sciences, insurance, finance, gaming, retail and media and communications.